Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Membership Management Software: Make money online

Constant Continuity offers traffic associations to those, who endeavor to acquire, engage and maintain more members to business environment in which they serving in order to enhance the business marketing and profit. Constant Continuity provides all-in-one association management software (AMS) which is a member based organizations with solutions. Organized and developed by a team of experts, organizations and members to grow faster. 

Types of software membership

There are many software memberships offered by companies, for highly business devoted people. The people, who are really interested in making online money, have plenty of options mentioned below, like silk start software, Group Spaces, Member Planet, Big Tent, Club Master, Members Gear, Source Forge, and Tendenci. All these websites provides great opportunities to run online business on a big scale. Constant Continuity offers above all membershipssoftware, one of which I mention below in details. 

Wild Apricot Membership Software

Wild Apricot software is a small associations and non-profits to help manage membership, website, events and other activities as well. Wild apricot can be used on web browser without installing anything on your local computer, with mix of free and paid options.  $25 charges you have to pay each month after getting of 250 members. Wild Apricot is fully automates the application process, and Create a mobile-friendly form where applicants can update the information according to your requirement. The application processing rules can be customize to fulfill your needs, including required approvals and discount codes. You can synthesize the group for organize the memberships for teams, families, and companies, and keep aside the group administrators and let them manage their own members. You can also customize the Application confirmation emails for facilitating the new members to get immediate confirmation upon approval for their membership. The payment through credit card makes it more feasible and handy to run rather than handling checks or cash. 
if you are interested or already have a Word Press website, Wild Apricot integrate with Word Press roles so there is no need to organize or run two systems together.


Wild Apricot facilitates the members with custom domains and integrates them with QuickBooks as well. It is easy and feasible to customize, and access to great resources with free options. It increases the probability to attend the event, due to highlight the calendar on your website, where you can easily register yourself. You can easily involve the volunteers in wild apricot software, because it is so convenient, the members can complete their task at any place. It also enhances the communication between members to share their views and feedback through blog discussion forum. The last but not the least it also increase the transparency of your organization.
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